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8 thoughts on “ Night Terrors - X-Ray Dog - Internal Organs (CD, Album)

  1. Night Terrors III features Bram Stoker Award-winning author Jack Ketchum and an all-star cast from Dennis Etchinson to Paul Tremblay, A wave of sinkholes appears on the anniversary of a rural tragedy, and local residents begin to hear the voices of the dead. A woman encounters a predator from her youth—and a chance to turn the tables.4/5(15).
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  6. The perfect thrash metal album in many ways. 10 excellent songs, less than 30 minutes, awesome production, insane instrumentation, lyrics that sound like they're from a well-read serial killer's manifesto. If this album was just "Angel of Death" it would be a 5. To not own this album is a sin.
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